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Supporting our local talent.

TiN Home Décor is a proudly South African, home-grown brand based in Johannesburg, online rustic décor store that sells handcrafted natural and galvanized tin products.

Our founder is smitten with buckets and found that farmhouse tin décor items are rarely sourced locally. 

Who would have thought that grandma’s buckets and tubs would have become a trendy home décor? 

In South Africa, we have an enormous amount of talented people.

The concept of the store began after realizing the need to encourage young local craftsmen to think out of the box and stretch themselves within their skill to try different designs.

Each item is custom made by Kennedy Gotora and his team. We strive to empower the people within our own local communities. 

Our friendly team are always willing to go the extra mile for you and we strive to give our customers exceptional service. 

We are constantly adding to our range of beautiful buckets and décor, so please like our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep you updated on specials, new products and more!

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